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With the use of my multi-phase approach to both on-the-fly variable encryption and positive identification of device information, the CIA or any alphabet agency would be hard pressed to crack any C.U.P.I.D. traffic unless permitted. As dangerous as that claim is - it can be done and all by design.

Having said that... the CIA is (by design) the first line of defense for external-to-USA investigations while the FBI is the internal-to-USA (again by design) law enforcement agency. Though the FBI-NSA-CIA agencies overlap in some areas they all serve a distinct purpose.

While the other agencies have their hands full dealing with any threats internal to the USA, the CIA gets to deal with the rest of the world. In abstract, that alone is a daunting task given 7+ billion people on the planet. And the CIA is the agency who has the task of determining what is and what is not a threat to our Country.

There is a reason the CIA is affectionately referred to as 'spooks', simply because their identities can only be known to a very carefully selected few. To a citizen like myself I can only say 'I do not want to know' what they do. All I know is their pressure filled task of delivering on legitimate intelligence for higher ups to decide on how to proceed.

Because of my tremendous respect for an agency with so much responsibility all I will say is, with the recent revelation of the CIA toolkit exposed to the public, the time for the C.U.P.I.D. design to be built and developed could not be any more pressing as it will be able to properly deal with this new threat. To paraphrase one of my all time favorite movies I tongue-in-cheek say '...you lost another one?'.

In another section of this website I state "Several other uses but am uncomfortable sharing on a public website" and as far as possibilities for the CIA I will refrain from discussing publically if for no other reason than I do not want bad actors to steal my ideas.

























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