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Below are two variants of potential media commercials created from the mind of the one behind C.U.P.I.D. itself.

Though not a media professional this should give a fair idea of the fun and humor which hopefully will become a hallmark of the C.U.P.I.D. brand.


As for background music my song of choice is Collide. Has a street racer background as do I.


15 Second Ad

Starts off with an angled shot of hands typing on a keyboard in a dark room. A dim light is off to the side. Low Russian voices are heard in the background. Then fade to black.

2) Fade from black to see a partial face looking at a monitor, same low voices and keyboard action in the background. On the monitor is a bank login screen. Fade to black.

3) Fade from black to show the bank screen with an old-style option box which says 'Successful Login'. More typing sounds then money transfers taking place. Fade to black.

4) Fade from black to the hacker looking at a different bank screen with a frustrated look. Keyboard sounds get more frantic. You hear a voice say 'Huh?' Fade to black.

5) Fading from black is a modified CUPID logo slowly filling the screen with ominous 'Ohhhhhhhhhh' type sound. As the logo continues to fill the screen, underneath appears "Super Bowl 2019". Fade to black.


60 Second Ad

The 60 second ad for the Super Bowl would be a little more involved. Still crafting the though about how to do it, though this is what I was thinking:

1) Starts with #4 from the 15-second ad.

2) Fade from black to a second man leaning over the hacker in the chair saying 'what’s the problem'? Chair hacker looks frustrated and says 'I can’t get in'.

3) Instant switch to next scene, same setup as Russian hackers except Asian saying 'I can't get in'.

4) Instant switch to an American kid in his moms basement saying 'I can't get in' though with a surprised tone.

5) Switch back to the two Russians with one saying "What is this QUE-PED", looking at the C.U.P.I.D logo on the bank screen.

6) Switch to me slowly walking from the shadows, looking into the camera and saying 'Hackers - your days are over. Say hello to CUPID. Your worst nightmare.'

I continue, saying "Introducing CUPID. Confidential User Personal Information Delivery. The first true means to stop hackers from gaining access to your information, or from infecting your computer. Working with Anti-Virus providers, CUPID secures your computer in a way never done before."

7) Switch to a woman in front of a computer and another comes up and asks "What are you doing?" The chair-bound woman says "I am putting spyware on my husband’s computer so I can find out if he is cheating on me."

8) Switch back to me saying "CUPID even addresses those concerns for when you are not in front of your own computer. Privacy is yours, not someone else’s to breach". If we wanted a bit of a dramatic flair, I could turn my head an inch then raise my right eyebrow after saying that.

9) Switch back to woman in front of computer trying to install spyware. The woman, while grunting 'arrrgh' slams her clenched fists on the keyboard.

10) Switch to the Russians, grunting 'arrrgh' and slamming their clenched fists on the keyboard.

11) Switch to the Asians, grunting 'arrrgh' and slamming their clenched fists on the keyboard.

12) Switch to the American kid in the basement, grunting 'arrrgh' and slamming their clenched fists on the keyboard.

13) Switch back to me saying "If you don't have a CUPID-equipped computer, get yours today. Your privacy belongs to you, not anyone else'.

14) Fade in the CUPID logo, starting from half-screen-size and growing, and display our website address. Fade to black.

15) After a 1 second pause, show someone using their smartphone for banking. I look at the smartphone, then to the camera and say "You're next".

16) End commercial






















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