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If there has been one primary hurdle the last few years as I sit by and watch one entity after another be hacked, it would be 'Just because something can be made should it be?'.

It is my hope the one who grabs this chance to add a true value to the world, does. If however the one who I end up working with uses this in a non-public and Military platform only, the ones who did not get in front of this will be put back to cold war era tactics of personnel infiltration for intelligence as electronically they will be shut out and our own NSA will have to by my estimation at least quadruple their computing power to keep up.

It is time to stop playing these cat-and-mouse games and get down to the business of creating a known safe environment where bad actors can more easily be determined while the rest are filtered out to save on precious resources.

I can not stress this enough - the C.U.P.I.D. design will level the playing field.















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