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Diving in a slightly different direction, at some point in anyone's life we all ask 'If there is a better, faster, cheaper way to do something then why is it not available to the masses'

Whether it is the Tesla electricity or 'Big Oil' arguments, even electric cars and many more - the question of 'Why' (which is what I consider to be the single most dangerous word in the world) usually leads to many different views but no simple solid answer.

If we look at the many advancements over the last 100 years they all involve one common element - jobs. Regardless of how great any invention is - if it does not create jobs without disrupting others patents it will not succeed.

While there are many specialized advancements where interested parties buy out the creator etc. - those never benefit the mass population with any real addition of 'value'.

Creating a better mousetrap that uses current materials and allows for a true benefit to all while being able to work side by side with current setups and most importantly creates jobs has at least a chance at succeeding.


Between OEM's, aftermarket motherboard makers, smartphones, laptops, Apple products, any antivirus company that wishes to participate not to mention future software ideas from the creator-to-software developers, there will be a jobs boom unlike any since the dot com boom of the 1990's and possibly bigger.

I do not wish to sit on the sidelines of this development as the more the public is treated fairly with accurate info on 'What CUPID can do for them' the better for everyone involved. Backed up by (once the design is patented and proven) results the average person can see, not to mention control themselves, interest should drive sales of replacement items.

Jobs.. heh - yeah we got that covered. And investors? Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.










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