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With the use of my multi-phase approach to both on-the-fly variable encryption and positive identification of device information, the FBI or any alphabet agency would be hard pressed to crack any C.U.P.I.D. traffic unless permitted. As dangerous as that claim is - it can be done and all by design.

Having said that... the FBI is (by design) the top law enforcement agency for internal-to-USA investigations while the CIA is the external-to-USA (again by design) law enforcement agency. Though the FBI-NSA-CIA agencies overlap in some areas they all serve a distinct purpose.

Police can act on anything they see as probable cause, and the only difference between human police and digital is the ability to see from a public street - over to a private persons property. Drones however are changing that to a certain degree.

 Again though - if you are in your own home and not in public view of any law enforcement person or drone - you could do unspeakable things and it would be unknown - unless authorities had probable cause to enter. The issue seems to be how far of an intrusion in to a persons home can law enforcement go to establish probable cause by means of any electronic device in a persons home.

In the real world anyone with a cell phone is 'always connected' to a network even in your own private home - but your device is still connected to the outside world. If not you are still accessible to the public rules as a cell phone is not aware if you are in your own home or not. If you want privacy then turn it off.

 Any computers connected to your ISP's router should expect privacy as long as you do not use the internet. Unfortunately many do not feel the same and will happily install backdoors to spy on your private activities. Again, currently, if you want privacy then turn off any computers or devices. With C.U.P.I.D. your computer/device will be safe even if left on but not in use.

The beauty of C.U.P.I.D. is it is a choice with no hidden agendas. As the internet expands and arguments of locking out law enforcement continue to grow, new policies eventually will fall in to place. As the NSA can collect information, the FBI should only be given complete access to spy when warranted and not all the time. Please read the 'Privacy vs. Security' section for more.

The C.U.P.I.D. design would entail at least 2 layers the FBI would need to pass through before being granted full access to a given C.U.P.I.D. enabled computer/device. Without that protection the public would never accept any tech which so easily granted full access to their device regardless of any encryption used.







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