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With the use of my multi-phase approach to both on-the-fly variable encryption and positive identification of device information, the NSA or any alphabet agency would be hard pressed to crack any C.U.P.I.D. traffic unless permitted. As dangerous as that claim is - it can be done and all by design.

Having said that.... the NSA fills a void previously not possible before the computer age: To monitor for any computerized activity in the public domain. Previous to the modern computer age the only way law enforcement had to observe any activity was with a humans own eyes.

Computers and their functioning are out of sight to the naked eye yet those ones and zeros may or may not contain any illegal activity from minor to extreme. All the NSA does is collect it all and retain the information in the event any specific threat to our country is identified. Being a countrywide agency, it is in citizens best interests someone is able to constantly scan for certain kinds of threats.

Any concerns with the NSA collecting any and all data on Americans is done from the public point of view and not private as they can capture any packets traveling across public domain and intercept. They do not need to infiltrate your personal device.

As such, I feel the NSA is doing what any law enforcement outlet should do to monitor for any threats, with their scope being defined by laws/rules/regulations etc. At the same time what they do with that collected information is again up to laws/rules/regulations. If probable cause exists - pass info to the investigating agency. If no probable cause exists then nothing happens (or shouldn't anyway).

Putting politics aside if thats possible, I feel if there is probable cause on a given person then NSA collected info should be shared - again with the respective investigating agency only. Innocent until proven guilty, not crucified by public outcry over unsubstainated claims. Prove the guilt first then share the result not the other way around. Unfortunately politics affects everything and so even when you are right you are wrong in others

Of course the NSA has their own image issues to deal with even if they really do not need to go to the lengths they previously did.






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