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To begin, I am not a programmer. One look at this rudimentary website should prove that. I am, however, a binary-thinking tech who troubleshoots issues and finds solutions.

Programmers, like many techs, are a unique lot who come up with solutions to not only problems, but a desired software goal. Despite the multitude of titles of today separating a given talent/skill such as 'Developer' and 'Engineer' and 'Programmer', there was a time the simple term of 'Programmer' encased all those abilities.

Personally I truly like programmers because they are the ones who bridge the void between hardware and a user interface. Microsoft comes to mind as a great example of this. Driver developers are another. And blackhatters? If it were not for them we would not be here. Blackhatters and their criminal mindsets will find any way possible to at best get something for nothing and at worst destroy you.

Back in the day, programmers used to rent time from IBM's mainframes to test their code to ensure complete reliability. Though those days are long gone many still take great pride in their work and produce reliable code with few having to go back and do any rework. Spaghetti code such as any Windows package simply by law of averages will have bugs. Please note I speak that last sentence with just a tinge of sarcasm. Then again if it were not for all those bugs there would be no need for as many techs as we have today.

The level of programming needed at the beginning of any C.U.P.I.D. development will need to be high caliber people well worth their time. In many ways I see similarities to those who wrote the 'Visual' based languages for those further down the line. Once the framework to operate and use C.U.P.I.D. is in place the rest will be relatively easy.

And 'programmers' are the ones to make it happen. Script kiddies need not apply.




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