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Hello and thank you for taking a few minutes to read this article.


In my previous article "The missing link all have missed to restore Cyber Security effectiveness" we explored and went in to moderate detail what is involved to achieve a significant advancement in cyber security.

In this article we will explore what it all means to the broad audience and the effects from it. To some this may seem disruptive to the status quo, to others it may be seen as restoring a sense of order from the chaos.


The Digital Highway And Privacy:

A big disconnect many people have in regards to anything 'Internet Related' is the simple fact that we already have a template to draw upon for comparison - the roads we drive upon. Yes - the misperception many have is that our privacy is to be expected as we browse the web when the reality is someone -can- always be watching you. The source of this disconnect? My belief lays in the fact we do not 'see' the internet behind the scenes at work. With a physical car we do. So much for perception being a reality.

Try talking to anyone about this difference in perception and one can easily see the rabbit hole - 'Do you believe in things you can not see?'. While this may seem a bit adolescent I hope you see the point. Since we -do- see the effects of our clicks we 'believe' it is there. Time and personal experience with this 'digital world' has allowed us to accept certain norms - just like learning to drive a car for the first time. Perception. It makes all the difference.

The most criminal of hackers thrive in this world of others 'not able to see what is going on'. Just like a stalker in the real world. When they strike we are not prepared. They win you lose. Just like -that-.


A Society Unprepared:

In the early 1990's many were completely absorbed by this new 'Internet' thing. And while controversial, it was demand for pornography that crashed most websites, not DDoS attacks. All the while every destination one visited could easily be viewed by your ISP. Today is no different. If we think of our ISP as the onramp to the digital highway we realize the -perception- of privacy or protection is misguided at best. Again, time since then and personal experience from a societal perspective has taught (most of) us at least some of the 'basics'.

In all fairness looking back at 15 years ago, almost nobody had any real idea as to what was really going on from a threat perspective because hackers had not really blossomed. We had 'viruses' far more than data breaches. Recall however, CUPID Email was born in 2000 so at least someone had a clue even if nobody else understood. Still up on archive.org if anyone wants to see it. Search for www.mycupidemail.com. The last year available is in 2002. Not much left but something too see anyway.

Though debatable, the fallout of the lawsuit against Microsoft is when rootkits started appearing. Up until that lawsuit, Microsoft did not share access to certain layers of it's Windows Operating System, commonly referred to as 'Middleware'. This is where hackers truly picked up steam with their understanding of the newly accessible middleware layers.

In 2000 I started CUPID and nobody had a clue what was being described. The CUPID design of today is squarely based on what was created back then, though updated with the more modern UEFI BIOS in mind. If only one had understood back then we might not be halfway down that rabbit hole we are today. "Only If". How many times have we said -that- to ourselves?


An Industry Unprepared:

With the rush of the new 'Internet' upon us, like most anything new, it is used and abused until someone put the brakes on all the fun. Though debatable, it s perceived by many that it was Lars Ulrich of the band Metallica that marked the beginning of the end for lawlessness. Anyone remember Napster? If you don't that's ok just showing my age. While it was absolutely fun to 'feel' lawless with no repercussions, in the end most knew it was wrong to get something for nothing. After all, that's what criminals do - they manipulate their way to 'get something for nothing'. And nearly everyone did it. Some still do.

Then came 9/11/2001. With the passage of the 'Patriot Act' nobody realized the brakes were on full while the car was sliding to a stop. Cries of violation of personal privacy were heard again and again for the sake of National Security. What many forget is while one can go miles without a police officer in sight, in the digital realm a single person can monitor hundreds even thousands of people at the same time. Perspective.

 In the rush to create an after-the-fact solution to the lawlessness on the internet and keeping with a point from my previous article where software was leading hardware thus chaos reigned, the USA security agencies were doing anything they could to get up to speed. Legal processes were changed and new laws were passed. Yes the NSA listens in on anyone deemed suspect as to a National Security Threat -with a proper warrant-. With the legal means comes politics which is not what this article is about. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater because someone manipulated the legal system to allow the NSA to do their job. Regardless, they are not coming after you unless you are suspect as a national threat.

Same goes for the CIA, which is concerned with 'External' threats to the country not your late night hookup phone calls. The FBI though is a 'Internal' top-cop so absolutely -must- have a warrant. If the FBI wants a 'blanket' warrant then go to Congress or FISA court and get approval. Otherwise the answer is 'No'. Keep honest people honest remember?

 It did not help the entire cyber security industry was crippled when businesses eliminated many Chief Information Officer positions and placed their I.T. departments under a business manager instead. Save money and keep employees up and running was all that really mattered.

 What To Expect From Real Security:

If the CUPID design were in place, the high rate of hacking going on would drop significantly as the antivirus companies went through their learning curve of how to incorporate the new unfettered access to all ones and zeros available for review. New processes would be created and since we now have a public far more prepared for a change, the learning curve of deploying CUPID would be relatively short. Once antivirus companies were up to full speed and possibly adopt an Artificial Intelligence in to the CUPID platform, we go from a reactive state to a proactive one in regards to cyber defense.

Ask most anyone about learning something new and the usual response is akin to 'Just tell me what I need to do'. And when the initial learning curve propagates, perhaps demonstrated through some YouTube videos or some other marketing means, people will 'see' that the security is real.

Some may say they have lost their privacy. Others can point to the Public vs Private debate and remind them how for those obeying the law, it is nice having a State Trooper on that highway in case something -does- go wrong. Another upside is that businesses will now have a solid foundation upon which to conduct their affairs in complete privacy without fears of outside intrusion. Internal intrusion is also addressed with the CUPID design if a company wants to. Recall, CUPID will keep honest people honest. The rest, well, to err is to be human but to steal is a crime. Up to a company to decide what is done not CUPID, which only provides digital evidence. How granular do you want to go? Up to you.

As society learns there is a new cyber security Sherriff in town, attitudes and chaos will adjust accordingly, thus dividing the honest from the not so honest. End users will be safe and so will businesses. The rest is what we have Law Enforcement for. As more adopt this new technology those who do not will decrease. Once a benefit is realized adoption will increase further.

Confidence in a system that can be easily regulated and adjusted to the needs of current laws from Local to Countrywide level should appeal to anyone who wants to stop wasting time on cyber security and get back down to a legal life and business. And that dear reader is what CUPID will provide - peace of mind.


I appreciate any who have taken the time to read this. Perhaps one day others will take cyber security as serious. And if you like this article please join me on Twitter @cupidtech.








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