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With so many areas of vulnerability I feel it is fair to say the entire computer design is ripe for those seeking to subversively do harm. So far the worst of the worst I have seen is this BIOS threat from Tails, which the C.U.P.I.D. design will both detect and (with proper A/V definitions) prevent. No more half-measures. It is time to get serious.

Many are aware of your webcam or microphone being used by hackers, now it is your speakers that can be turned in to a microphone. Again, the entire computer design is ripe for any hackers who know what they are doing. It will take the unpatented C.U.P.I.D. tech to stop them. Nobody else has it.

Ransomware has become a norm, though there are options to easily recover from it with an Avant Secure PC. Preventing the infection is the job of C.U.P.I.D. Together you have a winning combination.

There was STUXNET, a specifically targeted worm (virus) that crippled the Iranian Nuclear Program for a time.

Routers had their issues, with none other than D.A.R.P.A., the true creators of the internet, proving router manufacturers could not identify a threat. Oddly enough, the flip side of this information is X-KEYSCORE, which was revealed in 2014.

Intel is not excluded from the threats either. From their attempts with the Pentium 3 CPU to use the unique CPU serial number as a means of identification, to their latest ME/AMT designs. Though Intel has good intentions, a smart hacker can use all that information against you. With so many competing 'hardware-based' security measures it is not the ones choosing to use them in a secure fashion we are concerned about.

Then there are the more recent 'bootkits' a.k.a. 'BOOTRASH' which wreak of State sponsored technical level expertise.

Then we have the recent NSA hacked and CIA leaked toolkits which in my opinion, pose the greatest threats. Recently however it has been reported Microsoft has patched the threats posed by the NSA toolkit. On 5/12/17 the world suffered the largest cyber attack in history which has been blamed on the same hacked NSA toolkit.

Even automotive applications of advanced technology, in the name of convenience, can be hacked. Though the means by which the manufacturers perform their wireless technology is a bit unclear to me, I do not see why future iterations of Automotive technology could not benefit from C.U.P.I.D. based technology. And do not forget the current ability of hackers to take control of a modern automobile remotely despite those who claim otherwise.

And then the latest hacking rage - multi-millionaire yachts held at ransom while at sea.

Spyware... Malware... Virus... Backdoor... Monitoring... Rootkits...Ransomware... Intel SMM backdoors since 1997, all designed to intrude on what you do from any computerized device. Be it a desktop, laptop, cell phone, tablet... anything computerized is vulnerable to todays modern threats. Unless of course you want to remain in the stone age of computing.

While there have been many legitimate attempts to stop hacking, no one technology has so far been able to pull all these approaches together until now, as well as add many new real world features and abilities.

A new way of both detecting and properly addressing all of these threats are needed, and that way is with the C.U.P.I.D. design. With a BIOS Engineer and a high level hardware and software engineer of your choice I will show you the way.













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