What is C.U.P.I.D.?

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C.U.P.I.D. is a unpatented hardware/software design which architectualy has not been done before and whose acronym is described in the header picture.

 Existing hardware plus an unpatented modification is used in a different way which encapsulates all hardware and software without any drivers necessary. This approach enables defending against this level of deep BIOS hack.

PGP was created in 1991 and used a combination of a public and a private key. For 20+ years it suited the needs of many until others learned to decrypt the keys as faster Intel and AMD CPU's became available. With the up and coming Blockchain the use of public and private keys should be a major red flag for anyone using Blockchain, as the client-to-server use of public/private keys is 100% vulnerable to smart hackers.

As the C.U.P.I.D. design is a multitiered approach and not a single change it can be incorporated in to any Blockchain and Coreboot effort. This design will level the cyber security threat and defense playing field for personal and government uses while the military version adds potential offensive uses.

The original scope is a true antivirus where the masses receive a true unhackable device (using proper antivirus definitions), however as every 1 or 0 is monitored within a given computer, firewall uses are a given as well.

 Consumers will also retain their choice of using it or not as there is no subversion here. This new approach unveils all activity from any source within a computer for review by said antivirus and firewall rules.

Detection is the key, which is where my multifaceted and unpatented design comes in. What is done with this new detection ability is up to the A/V and Firewall rules. Additional software may be included to achieve other goals.

The C.U.P.I.D. design is not an OS installed item, but rather a UEFI one. Software flexibility will allow designers, with newly added detection abilities to achieve cyber security at levels never before possible. Consumers choice of an A/V-F provider would allow for OS software flexibility as well. C.U.P.I.D. will have both standalone and interconnected uses. When on a network, cross authentication with servers exists for additional layers of detection for any compromised computers. I have given much thought as how to apply this to many areas, from Public, Private, Military, Routers, Government and the infamous Peripheral industry.

While many have worked long and hard for high level certifications across many industries, this design will make use of those plus add a few more to the fold.

Once the patent is in place on the hardware, software can be developed for demonstration purposes. For that matter we may have to initially create our own software company around the C.U.P.I.D. design to lead the way to the new market we will have created. As the design will ultimately need industry standard acceptance, deals can be struck with companies who seek to join our initial efforts so all benefit.

Of course by that time we will have entered Venture Capitalist territory and again - no less than 35% will be granted to any investors no exceptions. There will be plenty of other companies to invest in who will benefit from this technology where you can replace (and then some) of your investment. Once talk of going public with the company becomes a reality then we can discuss further ownership percentages - perhaps as a bonus for your support? One step at a time though.

















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