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*Seeking Global Oriented Angel Investor Preferably From Asia*

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Over the last few years several technical creations have enabled a new level of hacking previously considered too complicated for all but the most serious of hackers. Along with the evolution of Intlel Corp's ME-AMT, the creation of the UEFI BIOS has enabled a new level of hacking - both legal and illegal - that has and will continue to proliferate.

Currently embedded code in a UEFI BIOS is both undetectable and able to perform whatever said code programming seeks to achieve. To most everyone, a BIOS is something one updates only when needed for system stability. To a hacker it is a proverbial gold mine. The Threats section is filled with many links which support concerns raised on this website.

As you follow along with my presentation of the facts and other information for your own consideration, bear in mind I have a solution to address all the presented threats in the form of my unpatented design called C.U.P.I.D. which once built and tested will enable a multitude of future possibilities all in the name of security. Ultimately, the C.U.P.I.D. design would become a 'Industry Standard' thus being a widespread feature available for use in any future software development.

If anyone wishes to fund this double-edged sword design, please use the contact page to reach me. It is highly advised you have a BIOS Engineer and Software Developer at your side as the common reply of 'I do not understand' means we get nowhere. The Engineers will understand even if you as an Investor do not.

I have spoken with entities necessary to make the hard part of this unpatented design a reality and the quote is up to 4 months and approx. $120,000 to create. After that is done further development will require software to take advantage of the changes so a beta can be demonstrated for further investment. Those costs are unpredictable due to the number of engineers necessary. There are also a few other small matters to discuss as well before anything can move forward, so an Angel Investor should suffice.

Currently a GoFundMe page and a Regulation D offering are not realistic means to fund this endeavor, thus this website to promote and locate a suitable partner.







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